Polaroids | 2005

Limited Art in an Infinite Quest

We might have seen it in a dream or during a short walk on a snowy day: the untouched face of nature that fondles our eyes with a sunbeam, intertwined trees, vague shadows, and wheat fields that are violet for no discernable reason. In this series, Mehrdad Afsari tries to put the border between life and art to the test; the border that is clearly apparent in the photos. He tries to achieve that by combining frames chosen from nature that are sometimes abstract, sometimes realistic, and sometimes dreamlike—with a pinch of illusion. The photos have a peculiar balance between shadows, whiteness, blackness, and grayness to which colors cannot hold a candle. The ambience of the works seem somewhat artificial, but nevertheless real. It is as if Afsari has put them in frames and handed over to us. In the lethargy of cloudy days, the images plunge you into the world of dreams. Afsari’s Polaroid photos are the result of a pure and delightful approach, inside the boundaries of small frames, pointing towards the infinity of “the surroundings.”


Farid Ja’fari Samarghandi