Mehrdad Afsari ©

Photography as a Myth | 2003

Photography as a Myth

Every photo opts for a moment of the world and inserts it in another world. Once taken, the photo is afflicted by death and time and movement are bereft of it, yet it enters a new time-bound world. Myth is a message; a message from past in present which perpetually recurs. Photography takes a message from the past and resonate it in the present; as if in each looking (each return to the artwork) it recycles itself for again. In the album entitled “Photography as Myth”, the photographer is a beholder who pries the past (i.e. the culture) from an orifice—the camera—which in turn is a vehicle for inquiry and is personified in the photos. The venues are mute and mysterious and photography reincarnates them in their new existence.

Mehrdad Afsari