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Iraninan Gardens | 2010

Iranian Garden

The Iranian Garden has always had an important and valuable place in Persian art and literature, and has been introduced with particular traits; a garden with definite descriptions which is enriched with visual beauties and has been described as full of trees, flowers, green, and nightingale.
Hafiz, the Iranian poet of 7th century, describes Iranian Garden as the following:
“As the besotted nightingale found its way to the garden, it found smiling the flower’s face and the wine bowl”.
In addition to literature, the Iranian Garden has been considered in visual arts of Iran. For example, multiple samples of Iranian Garden are present in Iran miniatures, gilding, printing, and most important of all, Persian Carpet. These samples are full of deep and lively colors which images the age’s enjoyment.
In the chase after the Iranian Garden which was full of colors, flowers, trees, and green I sought a lot and what I found was a “concept” in my mind of the past ages’ enjoyment. How much they (our ancestors) lived in color and greenness and joy, and their life’s concept was full of color, as a result of which they have started description in this way.
I decided to picture the Iranian Garden of the present age.  However, that colorful garden was not objective for me and blackness and weak and wage whiteness, was all that existed; because, much has been passed in the history of Iran until the current age that I, the modern Iranian, am full of ambiguity and vagueness.
What has got apparent in my photographs was all a delusion of “being”. The backgrounds of my photographs were full of unknown blackness attacks and whitenesses (future) that seemed unreachable among the black ingredients of my image. The black points signalize the present time.
… and all these photographs are the description of mine (a modern young Iranian-a human being full of the concepts of war and bitterness) of the Iranian Garden which was described full of color and joy in my Fathers’ time and mind.
These photographs were taken in the gardens around Tehran, North of Iran, and Shiraz on 2006-08.

Mehrdad Afsari