After Grandmother | 2006

When my grandmother passed on, I was in a faraway place. She was the epitome of worldly purity to me and her house reminded me of my childhood’s summery memories in Khoi. They had already buried her when I got there, so I never saw the image of death on her face. I spent that night at her house, and, for the first time, without her. The house had tall windows and there were many vases that they would bring inside during the cold winters. I shot the flowers relentlessly, with no photographic concerns, as if I wanted to make my lost grandmother and my childhood nostalgia my own, forever imagining her fingers spinning the threads on the vases. “After Grandmother” was a new beginning for me: a new opportunity to live a changed life in the world of photography

 Mehrdad Afsari

A note about “After Grandmother”